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HandiFox consists of two parts:

Desktop App Mobile App
It is used for control and administration It contains the main functionality of HandiFox

Desktop Application

The HandiFox Desktop application is intended for setup and management tasks and it directly communicates with QuickBooks. It allows you to:

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Mobile Application

The HandiFox Android App is designed to aid your employees in warehouse operations and allows them to:

HandiFox App Main Screen

  • Review products and services and check quantities on hand
  • Use barcode scanning for quick product selection
  • Do partial or full inventory counts
  • Enter, edit and receive Purchase Orders
  • Create and edit Sales Orders
  • Create and edit Invoices
  • Do Picking and Packing of open Sales Orders and Invoices
  • Enter Sales Receipts and Credit Memos
  • Receive Payments
  • Transfer Inventory between Sites

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