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QuickBooks Permission Errors


It is strongly recommended logging into QuickBooks as "Admin" or a user that has Admin-like permissions. If you encounter a warning displaying Failed to get .... Insufficient permission level to perform this action, it means the currently logged-in user lacks some of the minimum permissions required by QuickBooks to access data necessary for the proper functioning of HandiFox. Fixing this issue requires the Admin to grant read or full permissions to any user who logs in to QuickBooks on the computer on which HandiFox is installed. Granting new permissions can be done via Company → Users → Set Up Users and Roles... Below is a summary of the minimum permissions a QuickBooks user should have to ensure the proper functioning of HandiFox.

List of Permissions

Area Activities Access Level
General Journal VIEW
Checks VIEW
Credit card charges VIEW
Customer center FULL
Vendor center FULL
Credit card refunds VIEW
Credit Memos FULL
Invoices FULL
Receive Payments FULL
Sales Orders FULL
Sales Receipts FULL
Statement Charges VIEW
Area Activities Access Level
Chart of Accounts VIEW (without balances)
Customer & Vendor Profile:
  • Sales Rep List
  • Terms List
  • VIEW
  • VIEW
Inventory Site List FULL
Item List FULL
Other Names List VIEW
Price Level List VIEW
Price Rule List VIEW
Sales Tax Code List VIEW
Adjust Quantity on Hand FULL
Build Assemblies FULL
Enter Bills VIEW
Item Receipts FULL
Purchase Orders FULL
Transfer Inventory FULL

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Handheld Synchronization

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Zebra Scanners

Scanner not finding/locating items after reinstalling, updating or clearing the mobile app's data


"I reinstalled/updated the mobile application or cleared the mobile application's data, and now the scanner won't locate or pick any items up"

Assuming you didn't delete your HandiFox DataWedge Profile, all you need to do is "re-enable" your DataWedge profile.

Simply go to Admin → Settings → Select scanner, Make sure it says DataWedge in the input field to the left of the Scan Bluetooth button, Tap Save. Test you scanner again.

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Known problems that may arise when testing if your scanner works in HandiFox

Problem Tips
The scanner doesn't recognize the barcode at all (doesn't beep). The barcode label could be damaged or poorly printed, so it is not readable. Try another one. Also see the next problem.
The scanner fails to recognize all or a large part of your product labels. Perhaps the correct decoder for your label type is not active. Go back to the profile in DataWedge, find the Barcode Input section and tap on Decoders. Enable more decoders (perhaps all of them, just in case).
The scanner beeps when reading a barcode, but nothing happens in HandiFox (literally nothing at all). Double-check the settings of your HandiFox profile in DataWedge, especially the Intent Action Name
Info-sign.png Intent Action Name: com.motorolasolutions.emdk.handifox.recvr (no spaces at the beginning or in between characters!)
. Dw12.jpg
After scanning an item, its product code gets entered in the search field in HandiFox. Go back to the HandiFox profile in DataWedge and make sure Keystroke Output is disabled.


When scanning labels, HandiFox always gives the "Cannot find scanned item" message for all your products. You need to assign correct barcodes to your products in HandiFox. Click here to learn about assigning barcodes in HandiFox
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Issues assigning device after reinstalling, updating or clearing data up

Select Site Looping

If you're unable to assign your handheld device after reinstalling or updating the handheld mobile application or clearing its data up and, the synchronization loops, prompting you to assign it to a site/location, you need to assign it to a specific site in HandiFox's Integrated Module. In QuickBooks, go to File → HandiFox → Handheld Device Manager, mark the checkbox on the left of the device to which you want to assign a site/location and, click on Change Site to assign the device to a specific site/location.


Warning-sign.png If the device's not highlighted in red and displays the name of site under the column Site and, you want to assign/changing it to a different site, the following warning will pop-up and, you'll need to reinstall the application or clear its data if you proceed with the operation (confirm) in order to continue synchronizing data.


We recommend switching sites directly from the handheld device on the Synchronization screen to avoid having to reinstall the application or clear its data and, losing any unsynchronized data. Click here to know more about Switching Sites.