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The Handheld Device Manager window allows managing and removing handheld devices, as well as assigning them to a specific site/location and assign a prefix to transactions created on a specific device and, setting scheduled synchronization. It can be accessed via File → HandiFox → Handheld Device Manager in QuickBooks

Comp.png Handheld Device Manager


Handheld Licenses groupbox includes the following read-only information:

Licenses used: number of licenses used to synchronize the devices assigned on Mobile locations

Free licenses available: number of unused licenses

Total: total number of licenses, purchased by the customer from Tecom Group

The list of handheld devices registered in the HandiFox system contains the following information:

Device ID: Synchronized devices' unique ID.

Device Name: Name configured on the handheld device

Site: Name of the inventory site assigned to the handheld (if handheld device is not assigned to any site yet, then “NOT ASSIGNED” is shown)

Transaction Prefix: the transaction prefix of the assigned site

Action buttons:

Delete device button: Click it to delete the selected device from the list. The mobile device is not able to synchronize if it is removed from the system. The removed device is marked as inactive.

Change site button: Click it to assign a site to the handheld device or change the already assigned one. You will need to reinstall the HandiFox handheld application on the device if you change the site for a device that is already assigned to a site. To avoid reinstalling the Handifox application on the device, assign the site directly in the mobile application.

Sync schedule button: click it to schedule when a device needs to synchronize.

Cancel button: click on it to discard changes and close this window.

Info-sign.png The handheld device cannot be synchronized if there’s no free license available or the license has expired.
Info-sign.png The maximum number of devices is limited by the HandiFox license file.

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Comp.png Assigning a Handheld Device to a Specific Site on the Computer

If the Site column in the Registered Handheld Devices list of the Handheld Device Manager is showing "NOT ASSIGNED", you need to assign the handheld device to a site, synchronize handheld and then you will be able to use the handheld application.

To assign a device to a specific site or change the site of a specific device:

  1. Open the Handheld Device Manager (In QuickBooks, go to File → HandiFox → Handheld Device Manager).
  2. Select the device to which you want to assign a new site.
  3. Click on Change site.
  4. Select site from the drop-down menu in the Change Site popup.
  5. Click on OK to proceed with the operation, or Cancel to discard changes.
  6. If you clicked on OK on step 5, a warning popup will appear, click OK to confirm the operation, or No to go back to the Change Site popup.

Warning-sign.png To avoid having to reinstall the Handifox mobile application, it is advisable to switch sites using the mobile app instead of the desktop application. See here how to create sites
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Tabletandroid.png Switching Sites/Locations on the Handheld Device


  1. Go to Admin → Synchronize → and tap Select Site (Note that the handheld user must have the corresponding permissions)
  2. Choose the site in the list and tap Reassign
  3. Tap OK if you want to continue or tap Cancel to stop
  4. This will start a synchronization process. Tap OK when it's done to restart the app.

Info-sign.png NOTE: To be able to access inventory items on a particular site, they must be added to it via Create Item List by Site in the QuickBooks integrated module on your computer, if Multilocation is not enabled in QuickBooks.

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Comp.png Assigning a Prefix to a Handheld Device

The transactions prefix is used to populate S.O.No. and Invoice# when New Order, New Invoice, Credit Memo and New P.O. windows are opened in the handheld application. The user is able to edit the transaction prefix (if the required permissions are enabled, see Adding a Handheld User for more details).

To assign a new transaction Prefix:

  1. Open the Handheld Device Manager (In QuickBooks, go to File → HandiFox → Handheld Device Manager)
  2. Click on the Prefix you want to modify/add,
  3. Enter the new prefix.
  4. Click anywhere on the Handheld Device Manager window, a Confirmation popup will appear.
  5. Click on OK in the Confirmation popup.
  6. Synchronize the handheld device to which the new prefix was assigned.

Info-sign.png If the Transactions Prefix is already used for active site, the message "Error" "Transactions Prefix is already in use for other site. Please enter another prefix." appears and the saving operation is canceled.

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Comp.png Scheduling Automatic Synchronization

HandiFox allows you to select how often or when a specific handheld device needs to synchronize.

  1. Open the Handheld Device Manager (In QuickBooks, go to File → HandiFox → Handheld Device Manager).
  2. Check the box to the left of the handheld device to which you want to assign when it needs to synchronize. You can select more than one device by checking the box to the left of Device ID.
  3. Click on Sync schedule.
  4. Select any of the options displayed in the Settings popup and click on OK. (The Sync schedule column on the Registered Handheld Devices will display the Sync schedule set for each device).
  5. Synchronize your device afterwards.

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Comp.png Removing a Handheld Device

If you need to remove a handheld device from the Handheld Device Manager,

  1. Simply open the Handheld Device Manager (In QuickBooks, go to File → HandiFox → Handheld Device Manager).
  2. Check the box of device you want to remove. You can select more than one device by checking the box to the left of Device ID.
  3. Click on Delete Device.
  4. Click on Yes on the popup warning to proceed with the operation, or No to cancel it.

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